On August 2nd, 2021, the technology assets of QuarterSpot were purchased by Lendio, Inc. which operates a platform to help small businesses obtain loans.  The sale of QuarterSpot’s technology assets to Lendio involves the transfer of personal information to Lendio as well, i.e., the personal information which may include financial information provided in connection with a loan application, payments, or otherwise previously provided to QuarterSpot by its customers pursuant to the QuarterSpot privacy policy.  Since Lendio is now the owner of these assets, including customer personal information, Lendio’s privacy policy will now apply to the collection, use and distribution of any personal information transferred by QuarterSpot to Lendio as part of the asset sale.  You can visit Lendio’s website and review Lendio’s privacy policy here: https://www.lendio.com/agreements/privacy-policy . QuarterSpot will continue servicing and collecting on loans that it owns. QuarterSpot’s privacy policy will continue to apply to the collection, use and distribution of customer personal information pertaining to those loanshttps://www.quarterspot.com/legal/privacy-policy As QuarterSpot continues to service and collect on loans it owns, additional personal information relating to those loans will be provided to Lendio and that information will then subject to Lendio’s privacy policy. https://www.lendio.com/agreements/privacy-policy.