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Pre-Qualification Approval

Check to see if you qualify in 30 seconds.

*Selecting dropdowns required *Revenue is required *Years in business required *Loan amount required

Minimum Qualifications

We are focused on getting you approved quickly so you can get back to focusing on your business.

  • FICO TM Owner score At least 550
  • Time in business Time in business 1 year or more
  • Revenue Revenue $16,000 per month*
  • Number of sales Number of sales 10 sales per month*
  • Average daily balance Average daily balance $2,000 per month*
  • State eligibility State eligibility All U.S. States(Except ND, RI, SD, VT)
*Based on average amounts 90 days prior to applying
Won’t impact your credit score
Up to $250K, fast.